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How can your child become smarter and gifted? It is possible through UCMAS (Universal Concepts of Mental Arithmetic Systems). UCMAS is a world-known innovative academic program for the brain development of your child.

UCMAS started in 1993 in Malaysia and is the largest mental arithmetic program in the world. It is taught at more than 6000 training centers in 80 counties, such as the USA, Canada, England, Spain, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, India, China, Australia, Japan, etc.

UCMAS is the only, approved by the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, mental arithmetic program at Cyprus.

A student can start UCMAS while being enrolled in any of the primary school grades 1 to 6, where the brain is in its development phase, such that the student can benefit the most out of it. UCMAS can be completed up to High School, depending on when the student started the program.

Benefits that your child will have if enrolled in UCMAS:

– Improved memory

– Enhanced listening skills

– Better focus and concentration

– Increased self-confidence

– Greater ability to multitask

– Boosted mathematical perception and ability

– Superior school performance in all subjects

You can see videos from UCMAS students in Cyprus, that solve with impressive speed mathematical problems, at www.ucmas.com.cy as well as the UCMAS Cyprus Facebook Page.

Trial UCMAS classes will be offered for those interested. We will notify you in the next few days with more details.

The cost of the UCMAS lessons is €60 per month. In addition, there is a cost for examinations and books of €85. UCMAS classes at the Grammar Institute Foundation level (Class 1 ) will begin on Tuesday 28thth of January. The below days/times are tentative. More groups will be formed depending on the demand.

Please contact the Grammar Institute Office for any clarification.

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